Friday, January 22, 2010

One more work day

Today I had an unplanned trip required into Cape Town. A company had 60 computers and the equivalent monitors needing recycling, and I made arrangements to do so. We hitched up the trailer (after J figured out how to remove the "condom" from the hitch), poured more petrol into her gullet and off we went.

She was feeling hot by the time we got there, and as we pulled up we got a surprise. Someone else had pitched and claimed the load, and was piling it into a Kia bakkie. In a bit of a huff I had a word with the guy in charge, who said he'd sommer told a whole lot of people to come collect, as no-one ever did. So poor Katie didn't even get a chance to cool down before we had to drive again.

I had another collection lined up, so off we went to do that one, and it turned out not to be too big. We were loading on a lawn - when it came time to pull off, poor Katie seems to have had a bit of a shock, she simply didn't want to go! Had a brief word in her ear, tried again and she gave in.

She made it back very well with the small load. Bit of a taste of things to come.. :-)

And, being Friday, it was time to park her up for the weekend to rest. I think the poor old girl needed it after being thrown so thoroughly back into being a daily driver.

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