Friday, July 16, 2010


Land Rovers are funny beasts.  They're a lot like Minis.

My first car was a Mini.  There was much that was cool about it - there was more that "only a mother could love".  Suffice it to say that there came a point where no mechanic would work on the thing, and that's where my hands first got greasy.  One thing I did learn though - if something small broke, leave it.  If you fixed it something big would break!

Back to Land Rovers.  It appears that only a certain number of things can work at any one time on our trucks - just like on Minis.

When I first pulled away from her registered abode, I noticed right away that the speedo/odo guage in Katie wasn't working.  Nothing new, used to the same thing on my Olivia so of no huge concern.  I tend to drive by engine sound and find a vehicle's sweet spot anyway.

Well last week Katie proved my things-functional theory.  After randomly seeming to gain a few extra notes and a bit of volume, the hooter suddenly stopped working - upon which the odo kicked in!  Speedo still doesn't register anything more than about 25km/hr, but there you go, the kms are happily ticking along on the rest of the dials...

I wonder - if the odo gets stuck again, will I be able to hoot once more?