Monday, January 25, 2010

Back to the grindstone

E went out to start Katie this morning, ahead of towing her friend Olivia in for an engine swap. He came back saying "I don't know what you've done to that truck but it wouldn't tow anything in its current state!" I looked at him in surprise - Katie was doing just fine when I last drove her!

The Disco2 got to do the job instead though and Katie will be parking closer to the front door until Olivia's back from the hospital.

Then it was my turn to have a word with Katie. Started her (pump pump pump...), put my foot down, threw another R100 petrol down her throat and she was fine. I guess she's just not a morning Landy, especially after being a parking-lot-potato for two days. And what truck doesn't need breakfast?

Today she saw a bit more of the Cape. I had a collection to sort out in Stellenbosch, so off we went - via the plastic recycling people in the opposite direction. The trailer is a lot more stable behind her than either Olivia or the Disco2 - I barely notice it.

After last week's hill episode, I was interested to see what she'd do on the R44 out of town toward Stellenbosch. We'd had a word with the guy who drives a Series with the same engine over the weekend and figured out the carb gets starved of fuel at a certain angle (cuts out), and steep hills are not her friend. Yup, going uphill the temp rose a bit, came down again on the other side. Not steep enough to cut out but I can see the pattern here. We'll be looking at timing as soon as we can manage. The radiator also seems a bit overfull even when cold - I want to check for any blockages and make sure the thermostat is doing what it's supposed to.

She drove well the rest of the day - back to Somerset West, down to the noisy and dusty scrapyard, and a trip or two into town.

Tomorrow she'll be visiting a local school - I'm sure the kids will love her.

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