Friday, November 12, 2010


So there you are, toodling down the road, when there's a BANG and suddenly you have no brakes.  Oh dear...

Yup, Katie decided to throw one more curveball our way.  We eventually traced the problem to brake fluid p'sing out a corroded brake pipe in front of the radiator - the one that was corroded more than the others, that is.

So off we went to Ferrobrake, who took her in and did what was needed - fortunately in a pretty short time, unlike a previous experience with another of the Landies.  Brand new shiny brake pipe running along the front now - not held in place with cable ties, or paint, or glue of any variety.  New bits on the ends to connect it to the other bits - though I honestly can't say how long the other bits will last.  The brakes are already doubtful at the best of times, and not knowing whether you'll have them when you hit the peddle makes for stressed out trips with a constant eye on the idiots ducking in front of you vs estimated stopping distance (plus extra in case).  Doesn't exactly instill confidence when driving along! 

But oh look.  There goes another grand in repairs....

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