Monday, March 22, 2010

Stand in the place where you were...

Katie's been standing quite still for over a month.

I decided to take the man out for a quick pre-Valentine's coffee/cake and watch-the-sun-set on the 13th of Feb. Well once the sun had set, I turned Katie's key - and got nothing. Stuck at the beach wiht no spark getting through! Eish.

Many hours and calls and a neighbour later, we towed her to overnight in a safe place nearby, then towed her home next day - and there she has sat ever since. I've tried to find the problem but come up short. It could be anything from the battery being so far from the engine (which makes starting difficult to begin with), to the distributor cap connectors being worn, to the HT leads being of many and varied types/ages, to and earthing issue, to... well it could be anything.

She started once since then, but no spark when I switched her off and tried again. I suspect something's worn down or gotten old.

I'm not very good at electrics, so am having to call in an expert on this one - and it may get expensive. Eish again.

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